Spring 2015 Lecture Series

Spring 2015
Date Description
January 23


The Presidents' Dinner and Address

John C. Mather

Senior Astrophysicist, NASA
Senior Project Scientist, James Webb Space Telescope
Co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2006

Grasping the Universe

Telescopes to See Almost Forever Abstract | Minutes |
February 20

Marcia McNutt

Editor-in-Chief, Science and the Science Family of Journals

Validating Research

Steps for Restoring Trust in Experimental Results

Abstract | Minutes | Video
March 6

John M. Grunsfeld

Associate Administrator, NASA Science Mission Directorate and Former Astronaut


The Missions that Enabled the Hubble Space Telescope to Unravel Mysteries of the Universe

Abstract | Minutes | Video
March, 20

Sean Carroll

Wilson Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics, University of Wisconsin
Vice President, Science Education, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Brave Genius

A Scientist’s Journey from the French Resistance to the Nobel Prize Abstract | Minutes | Video
April 10

Nina Jablonski

Evan Pugh Professor of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University

Human Skin Color

Its Evolution and Relevance to Health and Human Society

Abstract | Minutes | Video
April 20
Note: This is a Monday

Special Event

Hubble 25th Anniversary

Getting to Orbit
Robert Smith
Professor, University of Alberta
Author of The Space Telescope: A Study of NASA, Science, Technology and Politics

Servicing Hubble
John Grunsfeld
NASA Associate Administrator for the Science Directorate
Astronaut on 3 Hubble Servicing Missions

Planets, Stars and Exoplanets
Jennifer J. Wiseman
Senior Project Scientist,
Hubble Space Telescope

Deep Fields
Robert Williams
Senior Research Astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute
1993-1998 - Director, STSI

Matt Mountain
President, Ass’n of Universities for Research in Astronomy
2005-2015 – Director, STSI

The James Webb Space Telescope & Beyond
Mark Clampin
Senior Scientist, JWST

April 24

Dava Newman

Professor, Aeronautics, Astronautics and Engineering Systems and
Director of Technology and Policy Program, MIT
NASA Deputy Administrator Appointee (Pending Confirmation by Congress)

Advanced Spacesuits

Wearable Technology for Exploring the Solar System Abstract | Video
May 8

The 84th Joseph Henry Lecture

Pamela Silver

Professor, Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School

Synthetic Biology

The Technology Engine of the 21st Century Abstract | Minutes | Video

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