Philosophical Society of Washington

Adventures of a Physics Reporter

Gloria Lubkin
Editor, Physics Today

2026th Meeting Abstract
Friday, March 18, 1994 at 8:15 PM


In my 30 years on the staff of Physics Today, I have had a unique opportunity to report on some of the great discoveries made in physics, and to identify the topics capturing the interest of physicists. At the same time, I covered the changing scene in science policy in the US and abroad. While working as a reporter and editor, my life was punctuated by a number of adventures.

About the Author:

Gloria Lubkin holds an AB in Physics from Temple University and an MA in nuclear physics from Boston University. She joined Physics Today in 1963 as associate editor, was promoted to senior editor in 1970 and became editor in 1985. During 1974-75, she was a Nieman fellow at Harvard University. She is a co-founder of the Theoretical Physics Institute at the University of Minnesota and the Gloria Becker Lubkin professorship of Theoretical Physics has been named in her honor.

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